Sky TS Type Eyelash Extension Glue

Sky Glue - Type TS

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***IMPORTANT*** FOR PROFESSIONAL USE ONLY – under no circumstances should you attempt to apply this glue to your own eyelashes. Always perform a patch test on new clients to ensure no reaction occurs.

Sky Glue TS was designed for use with colored lashes in order to create a seamless finish. Clear lash adhesives have also become a go-to for professional technicians who have clients with sensitivities due to the removal of the black pigment.

With a super fast drying time and incredible 5-6 weeks retention, Sky Glue TS is the industries best performing clear eyelash extension adhesive.

Buy now and start experimenting with colored lashes for some great looks!

 Drying time: 1-2 seconds
 Retention Period: 5-6 weeks
 Color: Clear
 Volume: 5ml
 Latex & Formaldehyde Free & Approved by ITQA
► Ideal Application Conditions: 74-82F with humidity of RH 50-70%

Before and during use:
- This glue is not suitable for applying cluster/strip lashes.
- Shake well before use (for 30s – 60s).
- This glue may not be suitable for people with sensitive eyes.
- If glue contacts skin or eyes, flush immediately with water or saline solution. If discomfort continues, seek advice from a doctor.

- Once opened, use within 2 months.
- Store upright with cap closed in a cool dry place away from children.

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